Ex Stasis;

i. Thou art miraculous; so we all.
ii. He who spits on his good right hand shall find the left one fails him in need.
iii. Each gold coin yields two like it; each stalk given creates a bundle. Yet, each coin taken turns the rest to dross, and one bundle gone creates a famine. Thus shall a man count his deeds.
iv. Some minds rest best asleep. Stir not those who would waken otherwise.
v. Truths forseen are not always truths.
vi. If a Man would rend anothers Emotions, let him be as one torn by wild dogs. For Emotions are the seat of the Self, and if they bleed, so too does the soul.
vii. Let each Man account his own deeds and if those deeds should want for wisdom or kindness, let him be put forth to weep alone.
viii. Humor cooleth blood; Wrath spillith it.
ix. Even trees rent by lightning may grow new fruit.
x. A Fool feels no fear; a Sleeper remains shackled by it; a Master trancends it, yet recalls its wisdom. It is good to be afraid; it is folly to bow to terror.

And thus said Ananda.

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